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About us

inDOURO.COM is a safety and reliable tourist platform web-based with an experience of 20 years on tourist online services. Since the year 2000 some millions of visitors have visited and used our booking services.

We provide tourist services such as online reservations, management and advising of tourist requests and online advertising, related with Douro Valley Region and in a general way with the whole Portugal territory.

Our goal is to spread out as much as possible the wonderful World Heritage region of Douro Valley, mainly the tourist services of the aggregated tour operators and travel agencies we select to join us.
To reach this goal we use powerful tourist online platforms: our portals DOURONET.PT and inDOURO.COM (nowadays both merged in with a total sum over 1 million of visited pages per year. On this portals we present the best programs selections, and for your comfort, convenience and safety the applicable booking forms which are sent directly to tours operators working with us.

We do not sell any travel or touristic services.

For additional information or personal advise please click here.
In a couple of hours we will guide you towards the best solution.

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Jorge Matos


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Where are our visitors from?

USA ---- 29% :: AUS ---- 14%
UK ------ 21% :: GER ---- 5%
CAN ---- 15% :: HOL ---- 4%

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