FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Some tours present departure local other than the arrival local (and vice-versa). For example I pretend  to participate in a tour however the departure will be in Vila Nova de Gaia quay and the arrival will be at S. Bento Train Station (Porto). Are they far from each other?
A. Usually cruises Porto - Régua - Porto, among others, the departure and arrival places are the Vila Nova de Gaia Quay and S. Bento Train Station. The tours programs usually do not include any transfer between Quay and Train Station. The distance between these places is about 2,2 km that means 25-30 minutes walking, nevertheless you can easily pick a taxi on both places.
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Q. Once arrived to Régua how far is the Train Station from the Quay?
A. The distance is about 600 meters.
The tours programs usually do not include any transfer between Quay and Train Station. The walk between Régua Quay and Régua Train Station is along the riverside and commonly considered very pleasant nevertheless you can easily pick a taxi nearby.

Q. I live quite far from Porto so I will drive my car up to Gaia (V. N. Gaia) however I wonder where to park my car. Can you explain me the best procedure ?
A. Even if the departure place of the tour starts at S. Bento Train Station we strongly recommend you to park the car nearby the Vila Nova de Gaia Quay because it will be easier to park your car there than nearby the train station. There are 2 parking lots. Click links below to see them on Google Maps:
Parking lot 1 and Parking Lot 2 .
This shall be the 1st step for the tour.
After parking the car you can walk to the Quay for just a couple of minutes (2 - 4 minutes) or pick a taxi to transfer to S. Bento Train Station, located in the other side of the river. If you appreciate a pleasant walk you will need about 20 minutes from Vila Nova de Gaia Quay to the S. Bento Train Station which stays 1,5 km far.

Q. which route would you recommend to the Vila Nova de Gais quay ?
A. That will depends on your location. We suggest you to use a GPS or simply check at http://maps.google.com

Q. I wish to participate on a cruiser Porto - Régua - Porto however I want to stay for some days in Régua to know more deeply the region of the famous "Porto Wine". Is it possible ?
A. Sure. Please you must mention it clearly in the "Booking Request Form" and the tour operator will take care of everything for your best comfort. The tour operator will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Q. There will be a handicap person on a wheelchair on my group. Can he participate with us in the cruise ?
A. Usually all ships operating in Douro River are equipped and adapted to receive passenger in a wheelchair, anyway you MUST mention it clearly in the "Booking Request Form". The cabin crews of the ships kindly will support the handicap person along the cruise as necessary.

Q. What type of vessels operate in Douro River?
A. Generally there are 4 type of vessels operating in Douro River, namely:
- boats similar to the old and traditional boats of the Douro River (rabelos) with capacity for 90 persons, +/- 25m length and +/- 6m width ;
- ships medium size with capacity for 350 persons +/- 45m length and +/- 9m width;
- Hotel ships with capacity 65 double cabins, +/- 78m length and +/- 11m width;
- Sailboats for private tours in Douro River.

Q. Which is the menu for he lunch on board?
A. Each cruise provider company will offer a different menu anyway the menu on board can be as follows:
- Vegetable soup cream,
- Roast pork with roast potatoes, rice and salad;
- Sweet dessert or fruit,
- Red or white wine and coffee expresso.
If you wish an alternative menu such as vegeterian meal please mention it clearly in the "Booking Request Form".

Q. Are the ships equipped with toilets? Do they have bars on board?
A. Definitly Yes. All the ships operating in Douro River are equipped with toilets and bar. Expenses in the Bar with drinks and others usually are not include in the price of the tour / cruise.

Q. Are the ships equipped with air conditioner?
A. Yes, generally all the ships have inner areas and outer decks. The inner area is equipped with air conditioners for your comfort.



Q. Where does the Ecological Cruise operates ?
A. The Ecological Cruise operates in the International Douro River (border line between Portugal and Spain), near the city of Miranda do Douro.
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Q. Which is the best route to Miranda do Douro?
A. Please click here to calculate the route

Q. We are a small group of 6 adults and 4 kids. Can we book online ?
A. Yes. We have been noticed that persons experience some difficulty to find and get in contact with the company that operates the cruise thus for your comfort we are accepting bookings even for small groups.

Q. What is the right timetable for Ecological Cruises?
A. Every days at 16H00. Exceptionally in August the cruise operates twice a day: 11H00 and 16H00.
Please pay attention timetable refers to SPAIN TIME.



Q. Is it possible to check the timetables of regular trains Porto - Régua.
A. Yes, to know timetables of trains from Porto to Régua please check website www.cp.pt

Q. When the Historic Train operates ?
A. Normally the Historic Train operates from June to October, nevertheless you should check it directly on the applicable program here

Q. Is it possible to travel on the Historic Train from Porto to Régua?
A. Sorry it is not possible. The Historic Train operates between locations of Régua - Pinhão - Tua.

Q. Does Historic Train operates on working days?
A. No. Trips on board of the Historic Train usually are available on Saturdays from June to October. For further information please check the applicable program at link here



Q. What will happen after the submition of the booking request?
A. Once the Booking Form is submitted, the tour operator that operates the tour will answer as soon as possible by email or phone and will inform you about the availability of the tour on the requested date. Simultaneously will provide instructions and details to you to proceed with payment.

Q. When will the booking become effective?
A. The voucher will be sent to your email (some tour operators will confirm the reservation and there is no need of voucher).
The booking will become effective after the deposit has been received.

Q. Which are accepted ways of payment ?
A. It depends on the tour operator.
The most usual ways of payment are:

Please see Accepted Payments mentioned at the bottom of each touristic program.
If for any reason you are not able to pay by any of accepted ways of payment you must mention it cleary on the "Booking Form". Some tour operators accept payment in cash directly at the Head Offices up to 2 days before the departure date.

Q. Can I use a Credit Card?
A. It depends on the tour operator. Please see Accepted Payments mentioned at the bottom of each touristic program.
Prior you to proceed with payment the booking team will confirm booking, will get in touch with you and provide instructions and details for you to proceed with payment.
Please pay attention to your email inbox.

Q. I did not receive any email from the tour operator. Is anything wrong?
A. Should you receive no email from tour operator within 48 hours please check Junk or SPAM folder in your mail system.
If situation still persists please contact us here by subbmiting the form.

last update: 2018.03.29